Turbo Twister

The Turbo twister is the newest of the mini rc cars. It is a little bigger than the original mini racer, and a LOT of fun to play with. The mini turbo twisters have 6 wheels. The usuall 4 with an extra 2 on top of the car.

Why the extra wheels you might ask?
Well these little tip lorry cars can do stunts, lots off different stunts which makes them a ton of fun to play with. The front wheels of the car rotate similar to a propeller on a plane. This causes the quick little car to flip on its side or completely upside down!

With the front wheels rotating and the back wheels spinning, the car will never get stuck. It will always be able to flip itself back over with no problem. This is so much fun to watch, check out the video and see for yourself.

The car is truly amazing! The mini stunt cars have several improvements over the racing mini rc cars.

  1. Bigger wheels. This allows the mini stunt car to run on both floors and short carpet.
  2. Improved charger unit. The stunt cars a lot easier to charge than the racer cars. They pop right on the charger with no resistance at all.
  3. The interior lights up when the car is in motion. This looks really neat especially in lower lights when the car is doing all sorts of flips and turns.
  4. The wheels have actual rubber on them which gives them super grip while running on a slick floor. The stunt cars come in a bubble that is very similar to the racers, however it is bigger and more oval shaped.
  5. The stunt cars come in a nice display box that is easier to gift wrap!

Colors include

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
  • White

They look really sharp, but once you get them in motion the stunt cars show off like you wouldn’t believe. The cars can go forward, backward, and left and right after you get used to the controls. Before you know it you’ll have the car doing all sorts of tricks!

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