Mini RC Cars

With all this excitement over the mini turbo twisters its easy to forget about the good old mini rc cars. mini rc cars

This was the hottest item of last Christmas and for good reason! These little mini racers are quick, Panther bands have all 2.6 motors which makes them faster than most! Watch out for the Zip Zaps at Radio Shack. They have a 1.8 motor, half the speed of the Panther cars!

You can find 12 different styles of the mini racer cars online click here: mini rc cars.

They come in 4 different frequencies so you can race up to 4 at a time. Tracks and obsticales are available. They can make it a ton of fun to run the cars around.

Also check out the mini racer games at

This car also comes in the dome packaging and is knows as the ‘Bubble Car’. It come mounted on the remote that also acts as the charging unit for the cars. All you need to do is open the car up, put in 2 AA batteries, charge the car for 45 seconds, and your off!

Most of the Panther mini cars that we tested ran between 6 and 10 minutes on one charge! Most brands advertise 5 min. and cannot deliver on this. The Panther cars not only go faster but they hold a charge longer than most brands.

The cars make perfect stocking stuffers. They are a great gift for under 10 dollars and you can get one for each kid and save more money buying 4 packs of the cars.

All of the cars have their own design, body type and custom graphic stickers that site on the cars and make them look really good. The detail in the cars is amazing. They have an independent front wheel suspension, along with an adjustable alignment to keep the car going straight time after time.

There are many different models of mini rc cars. Panther, Shen Que, Speed King, Precious and various off brands.

Panther, Speed King, and Precious have proven to be top notch racers. They all will have the 2.6 motor which is one of the fastest out. When trying to gauge the quality of a car there are a couple things you can look for.

1. Check the over all quality of the paint, molding and stickers that the manufacturer is using the decorate the outside of the cars. A lot of times the more detail and time put into making the cars look good. Them more time and detail that is spent making the cars run well.

2. Pop Open the car, the caseing should come off easily. You will now see the guts of the car. Cars that are of higher quality will have plastic casings over the circuit board. This protects the circuit board from dust and debri that will get into the car when it runs on un-clean floors. The presents of a plastic protective casing is a sign of a top quality mini rc car.

3. Check that the antenna is directly down the middle of the rc car. This creates the best receptions and hence further the distance in which your car will operate.

4. See how many frequencies the mini rc cars are available in. The higher quality mini racers will be available in 4 frequencies. If you see a brand that has only developed 2 different frequencies they are probably pretty new to the rc market.

Having 4 different frequencies allows you to operate 4 racers at the same time. This is important if you want to have any big racers or competitions. The usual frequencies are 27Mhz, 35Mhz, 45Mhz, 49Mhz.

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