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Your ultimate resource for information and the best pricing on mini turbo twister cars and the popular mini rc cars.

These cars are fun to play with and will be extremely hot this Christmas season. Your ultimate resource for mini rc cars, mini stunt cars, also knows as turbo twisters. We have been working with mini remote control cars for a long time.

Feel free to read through the pages, check out our pictures, stories and reviews of one of the hottest items this Christmas. Turbo Twisters and Mini RC Cars are available online at mini-rc-cars.net.

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If you have a review or would like to share your experience with either the mini rc cars or the mini turbo twisters please click here and e-mail us your review. This web site is a way to share, review and find more information about the little cars.

We hope you have as much fun with them as we have and enjoy the content on this site. Please feel free to e-mail us with any suggestions or articles you would like to see on the site. Input is always appreciated.

Christmas time is here! be sure to order your turbo twister in plenty of time for the holidays. Don't order the knock of brands, go with Panther or Shen Qi We ONLY!

Most stores are still shipping in time for Christmas delivery. www.mini-rc-cars.net is also shipping in time for Christmas!

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